Paige Knowles

Meet Paige Knowles, a recent high school graduate.  Growing up, Paige was exposed to the trades by her parents, who are real estate investors which sparked her interest from a young age. Her decision to continue in the trades was fueled by her love for hands-on work and her awareness of the high demand for construction workers. 

During her time in the plumbing and heating lab at Lehigh Career and Technical Institute (LCTI), she learned a variety of useful technical skills, as well as soft skills. Paige was named one of two “Outstanding Career and Technical Education Seniors” at LCTI, and was the featured speaker for their senior recognition night. She was named president of SkillsUSA, an organization within LCTI that focused on leadership, for two consecutive years, and was also a district-level officer in 2020.

Paige also worked at a local plumbing and heating company for about two years, where she learned many valuable skills. Since graduation, she has been contacted by many companies, but she is determined to stay focused on being an advocate for the trades, specifically for women and the youth. Paige has begun her journey as an advocate by becoming more involved in Let’s Build Construction Camp for Girls,  being featured on multiple trade-related podcasts, as well as become an ambassador for Kickass Careers and Observer tools. She also has taken public speaking courses and hopes to start speaking publicly more often.

When Paige isn’t focused on the trades, she enjoys spinning flags and weapons with her indoor color guard team, Moxie Guard, as well as finding new ways to be creative and build success.